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Dave Roe ha venticinque anni di esperienza come fotoreporter per diverse testate giornalistiche americane prima di diventare un fotografo freelance.

Ha la doppia cittadinanza, Italiana e Americana. La sua famiglia è originaria di Aliano, un piccolo paesino situato in provincia di Matera, nel sud della Basilicata.

Adesso vive a Roma. Freelance solo per riferimento.

Dave Roe spent 25 years as a photojournalist for several newspaper chains in the United States before becoming a freelance photographer.

He holds both Italian and American citizenship. His family is from Aliano a small village in the province of Matera in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata.

He now lives in Rome. Freelance by referral only.

Understanding the make-up of dave roe photography.

It is a collection of the Best, the better, the Good and the Ugly.

It is a warehouse and backup of everything in one place. 

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